Belpre in Bloom


Belpre in Bloom is part of America in Bloom, a nationwide beautification competition that involves cities of all sizes across the country and serves as a catalyst for building community pride. Our participation has brought together city, corporate and citizen volunteers to work together to beauty our public spaces, business properties and our neighborhoods, making our community a better place to live and work.

  The program received recommendations and awards from the umbrella organization America in Bloom during the annual Educational Symposium and Awards Program in Philadelphia, Pa.

Leslie Pittenger, program coordinator and Belpre City Auditor, is very pleased and excited to have not only been nominated by judges for the Community Involvement award, but having received it for the second year.

Pittenger said she is most proud of the award because it was the only Outstanding Achievement award given to any of the 31 communities from 19 states.

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Photo by Jolene Craig
Leslie Pittenger, Belpre in Bloom coordinator and Belpre City Auditor, holds the group’s Community’s Heritage Preservation award with the two other recognitions the citywide beautification project was given in the past two years, during the America in Bloom symposium in Philadelphia, Pa.

Pittenger said the Community Involvement recognition is thanks to the groups and individuals in Belpre who have embraced the citywide beautification project. It’s thanks to the neighborhoods, civic organizations and even the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who not only helped us paint and plant, but with every other aspect of the project

The awards celebration marked the end of the third year for the Belpre program, which encourages beautification and cleanup projects of all kinds throughout the city, not just planting flowers. Belpre in Bloom is the local community volunteer effort and is part of the umbrella program of America in Bloom.